Update Your Kitchen with These 2 New Ikea Designs

If you haven’t already flipped through IKEA’s new catalogue (you might have to check the US site for the full new catalogue), well, then you know what to do this weekend. The thing with IKEA is that almost everyone dreads visiting their enormous warehouses, but with a little bit of planning you can actually walk through pretty quickly and without leaving with blue bags full of candles and paper napkins. I am certainly not a fan of everything IKEA manufactures, far from it, but if you look closely, they really do have some cool products, and almost everyone in the western world probably have something with the IKEA logo on it.

Two new designs series caught my eye lately, the shelving unit Bror and the kitchen island Vadholma.

I have a smaller kitchen and did install another IKEA island earlier this year, a more industrial one, but I really do like the look of this new Vadholma, especially because it adds a great lot of extra storage to your kitchen, especially with that attached rack.

The new Bror system, is a heavy-duty storage system, which IKEA claims to be the strongest, sturdiest and most practical storage system they have ever created. For now, it only comes it different sizes and with a few cabinet options, but I do expect to see it being even more versatile within a few years. Within the series is also a cart, which can be used with or without the closed storage option that comes with it. That too, would be perfect in a smaller kitchen or as a bigger bar trolley.

Keep an eye out next time you visit IKEA, and make sure you don’t bring home stuff you really do not need. Remember, keeping the world clean is key these days, which we quickly tend to forget when stuffing our cart walking through IKEA.

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