Taking a Break with No. 5

It has been a busy couple of weeks lately, between traveling and working I haven’t had much downtime. Today I did… finally.

You know me, I always keep a great whisky or bourbon on hand for an after-work cocktail or post-dinner party drink with friends. I really do like… correction, I LOVE a good glass of whisky. And when I pour a glass, which is not often, but when I do, I want it to be a nice experience, and not any glass deserves the golden drops. For years and years, I have been using Holmegaard’s No. 5 long drink glasses, to me that is THE glass for the perfect glass of whisky.

No.5 is actually designed by Per Lütken, the unsurpassed master of Danish glass design and one of Holmegaard’s most advanced glass blowers. He worked at the Holmegaard Glass Factory from 1942 until his death in 1998 and has breathed life into more than 3,000 glass designs. Many of his ranges have become classics and are synonymous with the quality that Holmegaard is famous for.

To me No. 5 is an icon – and now it gets company of its taller brother, the No. 5. Carafe. Originally manufactured in 1970 as part of the famous No 5 range, but for the past decades it has been out of production. Now it is finally back. The exclusive, mouth-blown glass carafe is being produced again, and will therefore once again become part of Holmegaard’s collection. Yay. Downtime, after-work cocktails just got even better.

//Photos & styling by Allan Torp

Paid partnership with Holmegaard. I borrowed all the tableware for the purposes of the shoot. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations that I am excited about and that have kept Asianteencams’s doors open.

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