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It’s Sunday again, thank you for checking in. Here is everything I pinned this week.


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Is blogging still relevant? I really enjoyed

more on

You know I am a shoe fan. Mega *. Just ordered * and… emm…

Cant wait to my to show up in the garden

* (50% sale) should be the best to sleep in when it’s so hot outside

Perfect for the earthy summer cabin look

Decided that Christmas and New Years will be celebrated on this year

Wish  looked like this all the time

Not to forget,  on Instagram

F R O M  T H E  A R C H I V E S

Last week – Did you see how easy you can upgrade your bathroom?

Last month – One of my favorite scents of the summer

Back in 2017 – Must visit if you are in New York this summer

Back in 2016 – Extraordinary work by David Thulstrup

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