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It’s Sunday again, thank you for checking in. Here is everything I pinned this week.


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Totally gonna up my morning ritual game with the Stay for breakfast book*

I am obsessed with this little indoor fig tree

Needed a little something* for my in my LA office

I am seriously having wet dreams about Matti Carlson’s hommage table

Apparently I cannot live in LA without a pair of these*

Oliver Gustav got some serious competition

Still figuring out what to do with this one

My guilty pleasure is dance videos on Youtube – this one is EVERYTHING (I am that boy, literally).

I would stay in anyone of them

Not to forget, one to follow on Instagram

F R O M  T H E  A R C H I V E S

Last week – Best way to take an afternoon break

Last month – Seriously the best tool you can have as a creative person

Back in 2017 – Still obsessed with this eye-catching Swedish home

Back in 2016 – Saw this one get a bit of love around the web again

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