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It’s Sunday again, thank you for checking in. Here is everything I pinned this week.


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Binge watch worthy

Now, thats : A City That Sat on Its Treasures, but Didn’t See Them

I am rarely excited about gadgets, , I am seeing an upgrade coming up soon

Having some wet dreams about

and some even involves by Knud Holscher

Such a nice *

Now is really surprising

I am so making on my next trip to LA

Too soon to start dreaming about in December?

Not to forget,  on Instagram

F R O M  T H E  A R C H I V E S

Last week – Love all about this minimalistic Cali-vibes Home

Last month – I miss my LA office already

Back in 2017 – Éva & Ian’s stunning Scandi-vibe home in Brooklyn

Back in 2016 – Cant believe its been two years since this epic trip

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