Raw & Clean Minimalist Home With an All-natural Vibe

While minimalism was all about black and white back in the early 90s, today, it has transformed into a lot warmer, but still subtle, color tone. It is raw and clean, it is a lot more about natural materials and an honest mode of expression.

recently shared the works by , who captures the new minimalism perfectly, a mix of mustards, mocca and almond tones create the perfect balance. Materials are all-natural unrefined woods and great linen upholstery – and walls are left with a surface structure to give it more life, a rustic vibe almost.

If you are drawn to this style, here is a few products that you might enjoy as well.

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1. * by Nuura  2. * by Muuto 3. * by Ferm Living 4.  by Somée exclusively for The Poster Club 5. by Bruno Mathsson by Dux 6. * by Kristina Dam Studio 7. * by Menu 8. by Menu

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