Pella’s Guesthouse

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If you haven’t heard about Swedish stylist before, you must have lived under a rock for the past year or so. Quickly she has become one of the most sought after stylists, with a lot of press coverage to top of. Why? Because, she is extremely talented. I have known Pella for many years; she was actually one of the first Swedish bloggers (yeah, she blogs too) I met while I was still working for Gubi.

Guesthouses it not very common in Denmark (or at least I don’t think they are), many of my friends in Los Angeles have guesthouses and apparently Pella now has one too. Pella, I’ll be coming to stay soon, thank you!

Pella just finished building, or actually her boyfriend did, their new guesthouse. Pella did a brilliant job styling the interior. Everything is very Scandinavian looking, which is not a bad thing, I love the mix of materials, the little nook and the cosy grey bathroom. Job well done, Pella.

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Images: Sara Medina Lind & Pella Hedeby



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