Let The Night Set You Free with Swedish Luxury

Time has become the most important thing in our lives. How well we time manage the 24 hours available every day is often a struggle, everyone wants more hours, and sleep is often being sacrificed for more waken hours to work. Never before are we seeing more and more people suffer from stress. Too much work, too little sleep. Sleep is important; a recent study has shown that 4 out of 10 claims to have issues with their sleeping. If you look at some of the most successful business people of our time; Tim Cook, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezon, they all claim to sleep at least 6-7 hours. Anything less, is simply just harmful to your health.

“The bedroom has long been overlooked, but we are here to make sleeping trendy. Sleeping is important. And no matter which of our 9 different models  you choose from our collection, you’ll get the optimal sleep in the best beds on the market and as an added bonus a beautiful and calm bedroom with a hotel feeling”. – Linda Schori

According to Swedish luxury bed company , we got it all wrong. I met up with General Manager of Carpe Diem, Linda Schori at the one-room hotel the Krane in Copenhagen to really get up close and experience the luxurious beds. Their story began in 1995 on a bed of heather in the archipelago off the coast of Lysekil, Sweden. Carpe Diem is all about mimicking the cloud-like feeling of the heather with all the right pressure points for your body – with all their patent Contour Pocket System you will make the most of your nights sleep.

Another point that I really think Carpe Diem beds stands out is with their design; especially with their new über lux model Vindö. Almost a flying bed with enough tech to make everyone happy in the bedroom. Resting on a central pillar construction Vindö gives the illusion of flying. It has the best of the best in pressure relief and all of the beds features – position, massage and lighting – is controlled via the app or a simple voice command.

// Photos by Allan Torp

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