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One month of 2018 done. How are you holding up so far? Procrastinating? Or keeping on track? Me? I have to say, I been both good and bad. Some days I am extremely effective, other days I just spend hours surfing around the web with no mission. Not very good, and before I know it, I haven’t done much that day.

Anyway we got through the first month pretty fast. I’ve started a few new like caught my eye and expert advice, so remember to keep an eye out for those in the future. Also, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve started daily stories on IG, probably edited short clips of my daily life.

But now to my five favorite things – It really seemed like you like the last one, so let’s keep it going.


01. My Birthday

As my bio says I am a 30-something guy, which is still through a few years anyway. I’ll be turning 38 this month and looking forward to celebrate yet again in Los Angeles. The big question is, what should I get myself as a birthday gift? I am thinking a new camera, which apparently is one of the best vlog cameras at the moment. I really want to step up my IG story game even more.

02 . A Few Links I Like…

… I’ll definitely re-watch Lincoln and all the Ocean’s movies.

… couldn’t have written it better myself


03. A few Youtubers I am enjoying at the moment…

… they really are adorable, and they do a great job.

… best photo tutorials

… his travel videos are epic

04. Products On My Mind

… adding another one to my collection of half empty bottles

… just because I don’t really like those big bouquets of flowers

This small … its shape just stuck with me. Not that I need, but still really beautiful.


05. The Quickest trip to Stockholm Furniture Fair known to man.

Catch me if you can. I have a mere one day at the this year, let’s call it pour planning. I’ll be flying to SFF tomorrow morning, run through the fair premises before catching dinner and cocktails in the evening. While I’ll spend the Wednesday in Stockholm also, I’ll be running through town for events and meetings before flying back to Copenhagen for less than 12 hours. I’m flying to Los Angeles Thursday morning. Nevertheless, I am very excited for SFF.





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