First Steps To Spruce Up My Rental Kitchen

I am planning a little makeover of my kitchen. I want to show you guys that with a few easy steps you can transform a boring, generic white kitchen in a rental on a budget. I just want to make a light reno that wont end up costing me a fortune, but still make a major difference in both appearance and function. Spending money on a rental isn’t for everyone — but I love to cook and spend a lot of time in my tiny kitchen and the look is driving me nuts, so to have a horrible kitchen, and plan to stay put for awhile, then a little investment seems well worth the time and expense.

First step was to make a visit. As I was in Stockholm anyway it seemed like a very good place to start. I am not changing the fronts on my kitchen, keeping it pretty much as is, but will make a few other changed that involves Superfront. As I not ready to show you either before or after pictures yet, I wanted to share Superfront’s new range of Geige cabinet fronts. I really like this color, which would look absolutely amazing with a darker countertop and darker moody walls. The great thing about Superfront is also that they are not limited to the kitchen, hack any Ikea cabinets for a fresh new updated look.

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