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is a design-driven lifestyle brand with one mission: to reinvent the bike helmet. And they did. Finally, a helmet you actually want to wear. In only 9 hours they reached their goal via Kickstarter and are now ready to start producing their vintage inspired helmets.

In the US there are roughly 1.000 bicycle-related fatalities a year, in Denmark that number is luckily only around 30. 35% of those dying, dies because of head injuries. And honestly, I am guilty too. I don’t wear a helmet. Why? I guess mostly, because I think they look super stupid and unhandy. A Thousand would certainly change that. It has a secret lock system, so it can easily be locket to your bike, a magnetic buckle (I hate those clip-on plastics you normally get) and the leather straps are even made from vegan leather.

your vintage moto meets modern minimal to be delivered early January 2016.

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