Eat & Drink My Menu at P-Eatery, Skt. Petri Copenhagen

I love a challenge, so when I was asked if I wanted to work with newly opened at Copenhagen hotel Skt. Petri and develop a menu, I quickly accepted. Together with executive chef Patryk Stafin, I came up with a concept around one of my favorite taste – liquorice. So we ended up basing all dishes on Sambuca. Yes, the anise heavy drink we all set fire to in the 90s. Mega flashback. And I love it. It is not overpowering in the dishes, but you get a subtle hint of liquorice, which I think is a nice touch and something different.

I wanted to add even more me in the menu, so together with the bar, I developed two cocktail, one pre-dinner and one after-dinner, we call them Maffioso and Licorice Citrus Sting.

My tonight until end of January – so if you are in town, I highly suggest booking a dinner at the very nicely decorated P-eatery.


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