Christmas 2015: 24 things Santa should bring me #16

Bungalow5_Stine Engels design_print

Every day until Christmas Eve (Dec. 24th), I will share one thing each day that I would love to see Santa bring me for Christmas. I am sure there are one or two things that you want too. Happy December 16th.

I think I have said this before, but I receive a lot of email from hopeful artists that all believe that their art work is one of a kind, almost needless to say, they are not. However, once in a while my eyes do catch something that I like and these very graphic and somewhat masculine prints did.

Stine Engels is very inspired by the South American artists from the post-war years, but also Bauhaus and the more modern architects are sources of inspiration. I think both of her are pretty cool and brings something new and colourful to any wall.

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