An Icon Evokes Great Memories

As a kid I had a very good relationship with my grandmother, she lived just down the road from us, so I could easily run over at any time.  I don’t remember my grandparents ever being married, but when they lived together they used to surround themselves with functional and quality furniture and lighting. For as long I can remember she had a lamp standing in a corner, I didn’t know at the time of course, but it was an original Verner Panton Panthella.

A lamp designed in 1971, when the renowned, convention-defying Verner Panton joined hands with Louis Poulsen that, as we all know now, would become an icon: the domed Panthella, conceived to shape light as it gently illuminates its surroundings. Panton was nothing like any of the other designers of his time, he had a profound love for all the new materials turning him into a specialist in steel, plastic, plexiglass and fibreglass. His design work with synthetic materials was trail-blazing, and he was a pioneer in the field of designs that use circles and rounded shapes before they became mainstream style under the banner of ‘organic design’.

My grandmother’s lamp found its place in my home for a while, but has now moved in with my sister, as I didn’t feel like I had the perfect spot for it anymore. Luckily Louis Poulsen has launched a . I love when a design reunion can evoke great memories and have you break out in smile every time you see it.

// Photos and styling by Allan Torp

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