9 Amazing New Design Finds From Salone del Mobile You Have to Have

I hadn’t actually planned to visit the actual 57th edition of the Salone del Mobile fair this year, as there is just so much to cover in the city, but I was a bit intrigued to see new designs from some of the brands that didn’t venture into big pilazzos. I came prepared and had a list of the brands I wanted to visit among the more than 2000 exhibitors.

As you might know Danish Mater is and has always been all about high ethics and sustainability, using materials such as renewable or certified wood and recycled waste, soon you’ll find products made from elephant poo and plastic from the oceans in their collection. Right from the beginning it has been very important to Mater to making design matter and reducing our ethical footprint, so already a big step ahead of everyone else, nothing is just an afterthought, and nothing is just about producing at the lowest possible cost. Among the many new products is the new , designed by Tom Stepp, all in certified beech with braided seats in either natural hemp or black linen.

Montana went big, bold and red this year with a huge installation that almost lead your thoughts to basilica heights. Montana also introduced their newest , a new colorful freestanding, easy to assemble and irresistibly mobile system, which I think is a great addition to the cubic system.

Muuto had one of the busiest booths with a corner showing their new sideboard, which everyone wanted to photograph. The designed by Thomas Bentzen is bringing the industrial elements of factories into the home with a steel exterior enfolding solid oak top and bottom. Another design that caught my attention was the by Cecilie Manz (that girl has been busy this year, new products everywhere), which is just a great new perspective on archetypical Scandinavian design, clean and simple lines.

Fritz Hansen was all about embracing modern life combing Japanese and Danish design traditions with their designed by studio Nendo. A wooden armchair that is both minimalist and highly detailed. Many other new products was also introduced and I felt myself drawn to the workspace setup decked out with all the Fritz Hansen Objects collection, including new vases, mirrors and .

Others brands worth mentioning, is House of Finn Juhl, whos big new reveal was the relaunch of the 48’s series including and arm chair. Erik Jørgensen presented new , great for a corner office in your living room or as a little catch it all in the entryway.

Finally I walked by (full disclosure: totally by accident) Finnish Nikari, which is basically just all wooden furniture in the most clean and beautiful products including a with leather details by Danish design Cecilie Manz.


// Photos by Allan Torp

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