8 Hacks for Cooler Sleeping When Your Bedroom Feels Like A Sauna

Yesterday we hit a staggering 105 degrees (40°) in Los Angeles and with a wind that felt like you were standing in front of a hairdryer it wasn’t fun. I know, I know. I have been here for 3 weeks, and now you hear me complaining about the heat.

So last night was pretty much a nightmare, the bedroom was just as hot, as the house doesn’t have air conditioning right now, so falling asleep on top of a very steamy and sweaty bed was not a pleasant experience.

It made me think. And look into how I can cultivate a cool sleep next time LA feels like the sun.

It is super important for your sleep and you comfort, that the moist is lead away from you bed quickly. This is where the ventilation system in your duvet comes in handy, as it will help you body breathe by diverting all your sweat and moist, so you’ll keep the right body temperature and sleep better – all night, every night.


Invest In A Proper Bed
The most important element of your sleeping ritual should in fact be the bed. We spend 1/3 of our life lying in bed, so this is not where you want to safe those cash. The madras is of course the most important thing, choose wisely and do get some professional help

Focus On Materials
The materials matter the most: This not only includes the sheets, but mattress and pillows, too. When temperature-proofing your sleep, one of the primary places to focus is your own bed. The temperature your bed retains and transmits back to you can have a great impact on your body temperature and, in turn, your sleep quality.

Count The Tread Counts
You might want to save those new high tread count cotton sheet for the fall, as the higher the count the hotter it is – choose something lightweight and loose so you’re comfortable and sweat isn’t sticking to your skin (or your mattress).

Catch a Cold Shower
Hit up a quick nighttime cool down shower just before bedtime. It is great because you’ll help bring down your core temperature while climbing under the covers clean and refreshed.

Keep It Dark
Lights create heat. So keep the bedroom dark and save on the energy bill.

Proper Pillow Talk
To keep a cool head you might want to opt for a synthetic down pillow with a cotton pillowcase. It’s a good, and very affordable way to stay cool because cotton is breathable, and synthetic fill doesn’t retain heat.

Leave The PJ
Less is definitely more when it comes to summertime PJs. If any, if you feel like going for a full nudie option, pick a loose, soft cotton shirt and shorts or underwear. Some believe it helps keep them cool, while others claim going au natural means sweat stays on the body instead of being wicked away by fabric. I’ll leave you to decide on you own.

Make a DIY air conditioner by positioning a shallow pan or bowl full of ice in front of a fan. The breeze will pick up cold water from the ice’s surface as it melts, creating a cooling mist. If you own one of those Muji air purifier, place that in front too, then you can even smell the cool air.



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