2016 Trends: Paint Effect

Bungalow5_Trend_Water Effect_Broste

So it is my last trend forecast for 2016. I hope you found some inspiration in this and that you are up for the challenge, I think we need just a tad more colours in our lives, that is pretty much what all tree trends is all about.

The big trend is definitely the 70s, however, one thing from 90s will be very hot this year, without a doubt. In fashion the 90s had a huge comeback last year, with looser jeans, CK tee and bleached hair, so what was so great in the 90s décor you might ask?

Sandbergs Skymning

If memories of yellow sponged walls and faux marbling techniques put you off forever I have good news for you: paint effects are back in vogue. It’s less twee and more carefree; it’s all about blending washes and blurred movement, whereas in the late 80s and all of the 90s the focus was on experimenting with textures such as sponging and ragging. You should draw your inspiration from the more watery result of the dip dye and inkblot techniques.

If you don’t have the ability to do this yourself, which I probably wouldn’t have, I suggest you look for wallpapers, like the ones above (link below), or go for smaller prints, like or , to get the effect without going all-in.

Bungalow5_Trend_Water Effect_Fritz Hansen

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